Sunday, June 1st will be a historic day for us as a new church.

I'm going to tell you all about it, but first, here's some history.

Sometime in January

I meet with Pastor Robin and we discuss the possibility of Row and I planting a life-giving church somewhere. He thinks it's a good idea.


Through lots of prayer and driving around, we begin to feel confident about planting in south Austin/Buda area. We choose church name, design logo, make website and other creative stuff. We pray a lot.


Pastor Robin announces our launch to PSM on March 6 (1 family joins us that night) and hosts first interest meeting on March 16. We start one-on-one meetings with people who contact us about joining our launch team. We get a P.O. Box, secure our church name, file 501(c)3, and open a bank account.


We host our first interest meeting/bonfire and continue to meet with people about joining. Launch team continues to grow. We travel to Alabama for ARC training and interview and are accepted into ARC. We have our first City Serve initiative by serving in the Buda Wiener Dog Races. This is the kind of stuff I want to do for the rest of my life!


We have our first interest party in Buda with 38 in attendance. We are currently planning our summer strategy for City Serve events and interest meetings. We are finalizing church by-laws and fundraising material.

Sunday, June 1st

This is the day that Pastor Robin has decided to commission the City Chapel at Slaughter Creek launch team. Basically, 2 things will happen on this day:

1) PSM will take up a love offering for City Chapel. Several PSM folks have asked about financially supporting us. This is your time!

2) June 1st is the deadline for members of PromiseLand to be able to join our launch team. PSM will close the door on any more of its members joining our launch team after this date. Pastor Robin and I both feel that this is the best thing to do as we transition from PromiseLand. It's good for PromiseLand and it's good for us. By God's grace, our launch team will continue to grow and we pray that it grows from the community where we are called to serve (that's what this summer is all about).

Meanwhile, we are so grateful for the people who have already joined our launch team. But, if anyone is still on the's time to make up your mind, Jack!

3) Pastor Robin and the PSM church family will pray over our launch team and bless us.

So Harry, what do you want me to do?

Great, I thought you'd never ask! Pray, Pray, Pray! Ask God for a big offering on June 1st, because He's given us a big vision and we need to raise $48k in 6 months. Ask God to move people to generously partner with us in this work. Ask God to draw the right people to our launch team. I'm glad to say that I haven't approached anyone at PSM about joining our church. Not one person. God told me back in February, "You start walking, and I'll tell people to follow." So far, He's been incredibly faithful to do His part. May He help me to keep walking. I guess that brings up one more thing, ask God to direct us as we plan out the summer. We need open doors for ministry and effectiveness in ministry. 

Also, you should know that we are not leaving PromiseLand on June 1st. This is only the beginning of our transition. We will continue attending and serving throughout the summer. If you are serving in a ministry capacity, please start talking to your overseeing leader about how to best transition out of your ministry roles. We will aim to fully leave PSM in September.

I will pray, but should I give in the offering?

I can't answer that question, but I know Someone Who can. Ask God if He wants you to give and then do whatever He says.

Please remember that this is an "offering" not to be confused with your regular giving to PSM. On June 1st, please don't skimp on your regular giving.

Personally, I'm praying that God doubles whatever is given to us and returns it back to the sower. Pray with me for huge financial, and staffing breakthroughs for PSM!

Please attend PSM on June 1st

Hey I know you can't always make it to church, right? Stuff happens. A Meteor shower might destroy the Texas highway system, a massive sink hole may swallow your house, you might be kidnapped by aliens, but IF IT IS AT ALL POSSIBLE, PLEASE BE THERE. If you're a part of the launch team coming from PSM, this is important. I want us to be blessed by our church family together. Plus, I want to get a big pic with everybody afterward, but you know. If you are joining the launch team and are not a member of PromiseLand, feel free to join us on this day too.

 - Harry