City Chapel at Slaughter Creek is joining with the Buda Lions Club to help pull off the Annual Wiener Dog Races on Saturday, April 26 from 12:30pm - 6:30pm. We will be serving in the kids area. Tell us if you're helping and we'll give you a free shirt.

Why are we serving in the Buda Wiener Dog Races?

I'm glad you asked. Here are 4 secret objectives we hope to accomplish. These are for your eyes only, so don't tell anyone else, ok?

1) Create group stickiness

The number 1 priority for this event is for us to learn how to work as a team. We're going to launch a church together, so the sooner we learn how to stick together, the better.

2) Join with local leaders

Truth is, the Buda Lions Club has been serving this community long before I was even born (many, many moons ago). We want to build relationships with these folks and let them know that we don't want something from them. We want something for them and the community they serve. 

3) Connect with local families

Moms and dads are going to be bringing their kids to us! This is why we didn't want to set up a booth and hand out info about our church, because nobody has to hold their kids back from rushing a church info booth - we want to go where the people are. It's our honor to make sure their kids have a safe, fun experience. So here's your assignment: meet people and get to know them. They are future City Chapel members.

4) Invite

I must admit, I am hesitant to even put this one on here. In fact, if I see anyone tucking City Chapel business cards under the windshield wipers of cars in the parking lot, I will probably attack you with a windshield wiper. Whack! Just to be clear, we are not there to recruit people, but to serve. If God opens a door and someone is very interested in finding out more about us, please give them a card and they can check out our website. If they live in Buda, we are holding a Cinco de Mayo themed Interest Party in downtown Buda on May 3rd at 6pm. That info will be on our site as well.