2 years ago, the Lord brought together an incredible team of people in South Austin. We shared a common goal: to plant a life-giving church here. This has been an uphill kind of thing. Of course, we saw the slope of it before we started climbing, but still, what a climb it has been! So why did we do it? Well, we believe that people are worth it and Jesus deserves it.

One of the families that was with us from the beginning because they shared that belief was the Branhams: James, aka "T Bear", Suzy, Gabe, Glenda (and now Sophia, Ryan and Emory). I met T Bear in 2000 and through many experiences (doing ministry together, both of us getting married a month apart, moving to Texas together, serving on staff at PSM together, etc.) I have come to love him and his family. I always thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we planted a church together?" Not that I like to brag, or point out when I'm right...but I was right, it has been incredibly "cool".

That's why it's so difficult for me to say goodbye to the Branhams as they are moving to Dallas at the end of this month (Suzy and kids moving on the 20th). They have been such a part of who we are, that it's difficult to imagine City Chapel without them. I will miss my friends. I will miss my climbing partners. They have helped so many people along their journey through worship leading, counseling, pastoring, kids ministry, small group leadership, deep friendships, real conversations, preaching, and the list goes on. I guess the real impact of their presence is only really known by those who have been touched by them. So, if you're a part of City Chapel, please join me in letting them know how much they are loved and how they have blessed you. Also, please pray for them as they make this big move for their family. May God continue to lead them and open every door that He would have them walk through. 

Join us this Sunday (December 18th) as we pray over the Branhams and celebrate them.

- Pastor Harry