I'm so excited to introduce you to one of the awesome families that God has called to join with us in launching City Chapel at Slaughter Creek. 

Meet Dennis and Casey Chavez.  Their family is made up of their son, Nicholas (they call him Nic, age 6) and their baby girl who they are in the process of fostering to adopt (she has been with them since she was 3 days old, she is now 1 year old).  Due to laws regarding foster children, I am not allowed to post her picture in a public forum (I think...the water on that is a little murky) or share her name, etc.  

Dennis and Casey met in a prayer group out in West Texas in the sleepy town of Big Spring.  As singles they both moved away from their home towns and lived in different places until they met and married in 2007 and settled in the Kyle/Buda area.  They both grew up attending church with family life that centered around Jesus, serving in church and loving people.  

Casey says, "Part of me wants to run down Dennis' resume and my resume and tell you all the things that we have had the opportunity to 'do'.  But it doesn't matter.  The launching of City Chapel is an opportunity for us to see where God wants to take us next.  The one thing we would like for you to know about us is a few of our core values.  As a couple and a family we believe in being FREE.  We believe God created each person to be unique and wonderful and that many times in life who He created us to be get's murky; unclear, confused, and misunderstood.  We know that God can (He did it for us and will do it for you) heal, deliver and make whole.  We believe that God's plan is for us to live an abundant life and that means living ALIVE (We love the challenging question, 'What makes you feel alive?')."

"What pulled us toward City Chapel?  God.  For many years, we have felt that one day, we will plant a church, in many ways this gives us the opportunity to plant, even if we are not pastoring.  It is also been fascinating to observe the process (which has been extremely God-led) and see how God is lining things up for City Chapel."

"We are anticipating an amazing journey with City Chapel.  As we attend interest meetings and other City Chapel activities, the church already has a 'family' feel.  There is also, for lack of a better term, an electricity in the air.  This is going to be FUN! I can't wait to meet more of you!"

Casey's right, we are becoming a family and the Chavez's are a vital part of that family.  We are thankful for their friendship and support.  Basically, we're going to change the world together.  How about you?  Do you want to join our big, world-changing, electricity-breathing family?