Welcome! If you're reading this, it's because you've been invited to be a part of a new ministry at City Chapel, The Next Level Meal Team. Basically, we've noticed that when people visit City Chapel, they often feel welcomed right off the bat (Yay!), but if they return, it's usually because they made a connection with someone at the church. Nation-wide stats show that if someone doesn't make a personal connection (friendship) with someone other than the pastor within the first few months of visiting a church, they will not continue going.

In other words, people are looking for friends, not just friendliness. What an amazing thing! A relationship with humans (us) could be the catalyst for a relationship with Him. I think it's time we get intentional about turning visitors into friends! After all, we are #thechurchthateatstogether

That's why we're creating The Next Level Meal Team.

The Next Level Meal Team is a group of people who represent the heart of City Chapel and make themselves available to meet new people and build new relationships through a Sunday afternoon meal. Here's how it works:

  1. You will be scheduled for one Sunday a month.
  2. On your Sunday, you will be at church 30mins before service starts (generally when new people arrive).
  3. Our greeters will introduce a new person/family to you (or another person on the NLMT).
  4. You will connect with them and invite them to a meal after church (a restaurant, your house, someone else's house, etc). You don't have to pay for their meal. You're just hanging normal people do.
  5. During the meal, you will get to know them and see if there's a small group that would fit their needs. Also connect with them on social media.
  6. After the meal, let me know how it went and if you think you'll meet up again or if you think they would connect better with someone else.

That's it. Let me know (form below) if you would like to join the team. Thanks!

- Pastor Harry