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How’s It Going? Survey results



  • 10AM: 17

  • 11AM: 3

  • 9 + 11AM: 16

  • 10AM + 6PM: 2

AVERAGE RATING of the new space - 8.6



  • Too Loud: 5

  • Too Quiet: 1

  • Just Right: 32


  • More Preaching: 8

  • Less Preaching: 2

  • More Music: 6

  • Less Music: 3

  • Just Right: 19


a word from Pastor Harry

Hey City Chapel!

Thanks for taking the time to fill out our impromptu survey! As we begin to utilize our new space, we want to make sure that we are serving our community well and your feedback will help us do that. Also, thanks to those who wrote extra comments and encouraging notes, as we’re reading over those and considering them all. It’s such a privilege to serve such a diverse congregation at City Chapel and you can see some of that diversity in the survey results - I love it! The one thing that continues to bind us together is that we believe that PEOPLE ARE WORTH IT. In light of that, below are my thoughts on the above subjects and where I see us moving in the near future:


A pretty strong majority (19) feel that our Sunday Service Structure is “just right” and I like that. However, a significant amount (14) desire more of one thing or another (or all of the above). This is great too, since it’s better to have people leaving a worship service saying, “Man, I wish we could stay here longer!” than, “Whew, I’m glad that’s finally over.” So, we will continue to be led by the Spirit in our Sunday gatherings and if we feel the need to spend more time in a particular area (music or preaching) we will have freedom to do so. To the minority who would like less of one thing or another (one person requested less of everything), we will be sensitive to you and will try to mix things up on occasion, but you’re also free to leave early whenever you need. I won’t think less of you!!


Well, this is one area where the church is mostly on the same page! It’s also something we’ve been working on these last few weeks, so I’m happy to see progress has been made. Some things we’ve done lately:

  • 3 weeks ago, the church purchased (and some on the worship team have donated their own money for) in-ear-monitor equipment. When installed, this will significantly cut down on the volume coming from the stage and thus make the sound in the room more controllable by the sound man. Ricky Vargas is working to get this installed (most likely, next week).

  • 5 Weeks ago, Peter built a 2/3 drum booth for the drum kit and installed foam on all the stage walls. This cut down the drum volume levels. We have since nearly fully enclosed the drum booth, leading to a much more manageable sound.

  • 3 Weeks ago the church purchased a decibel reader. We’ve been monitoring the decibel levels (a type of measurable volume) and adjusting the sound board to keep the sound at 85dB (the level of a window AC unit or Busy restaurant) with occasional peaks at 95dB at the loudest part of the room (sound is louder/quieter based on where you sit). The in-ear-monitor equipment will help us make the sound more even throughout the whole space and cut down on peak sound. Meanwhile, earplugs are always available at the tech table in the back and sitting along the outside of the room will be a lot quieter.

  • We’ve also been installing a lot of foam around the Worship Center. This helps reduce the echo effect and leads to better sound quality.


This is where the numbers are most split. Some (20) want to keep things at 1 service and some (18) want to go to 2 services on a Sunday. Personally, I really want to go to 2 services (9 + 11am) but I want to make sure that we have enough people attending those services so it doesn’t feel awkward for new people walking in. Basically, we need to be at 80% capacity in our current worship service before we can justify the extra volunteer hours to go to 2 services.

So if you’re part of the 45% of our church who would like to see us go to 2 services more quickly, you should:

1) Attend City Chapel regularly.

2) Invite others to join you!

Because the only reason to multiply our services is so that we might have more room to reach more people with the love of God, we can’t multiply while there are still plenty of empty seats. This may surprise you, but we didn’t make a move into a more permanent space so that “we wouldn’t have to setup/tear down anymore” or any other convenience-oriented motivation. We aren’t afraid of inconvenience. Never have been. Never will be. In fact, we welcome all sacrifice for the cause of Christ in South Austin. As long as heaven and hell are realities (they are) and 1.8 million people in Austin will spend eternity in one of those places (they will), we can live with a busy parking lot, or having to (God forbid) sit next to someone we don’t know at church. We gladly own the lostness of our city and pursue those who are far from God - because we believe that People Are Worth It PERIOD

I am so thankful for those awesome people who continue perfecting our Sunday morning processes (Parking Lot Team, Greeter Team, Hospitality Team, Usher Team, Kid City Team, Tech Team, Worship Team). You are the best!! I am so proud of all our Sunday morning teams and how they are stepping up to serve in this new space with dedication and true servant hearts!



  • That “haze” you see on the stage every Sunday morning is…well, haze. Like, from a “haze machine”. It’s not dust, or smoke, the anointing, or the breath of the anti-christ (ok, no one’s actually said that last one to me yet).

  • Yes, we are definitely getting a 2nd restroom.

  • This December is the perfect time to invite new people to our new space - Big time Christmas decorations, hot chocolate and a lot of fun stuff going on!

  • Yes, someone actually said it’s too quiet at City Chapel. Rock on, dudes.

- Pastor Harry