We are a non denominational church. We started in January, 2015 with a simple vision to share the wonder and beauty of Jesus Christ and join Him in the renewal of our city. Below is our structure.

We are an ARC church plant!

We are an ARC church plant!

Overseeing Elders

From the start, we believe in God-given authority. Our church is under the authority of overseers who have been given the right and responsibility to hold our pastors accountable, pray for them and give them counsel. They serve to provide spiritual oversight, guidance, and (if need be) discipline. They are all church planters/pastors who have rock-solid reputations for Godliness and have walked with Pastor Harry and Rowena for years. They are:

We are so thankful for these men of God and their commitment to City Chapel at Slaughter Creek.

Pastors + Trustees

Our church is lead by qualified pastors. These are servant-leaders who lead by example. They fit the scriptural description of Elder/Pastor found in Titus 2. They are:

  • Lead Pastors - Harry and Rowena Fleming
  • City Kids Pastors - Eddie and Priscilla Jones
  • Worship Leaders - Dallas Shreve & Noa Lynne
  • Young Adult Pastor - Emilio Malacara
  • Small Groups Pastor - James Branham
  • Our board of trustees oversee the financial strength of City Chapel. They are wise men and women who are aligned with the mission of the church and help us make good decisions. They are:

  • Diana Cantu
  • Robert Gomez
  • Robbie Lane
  • Jim Turner
  • Transparent Finances

    The financial health of our church is protected by our church bi-laws which contains strong financial protective measures concerning our annual budget that include, but are not limited to:

    • 35% Cap on building expenses
    • 35% Cap on salaries
    • 10% Tithe to the global church (Yes, we believe in the blessing of tithing.)
    • 20% Cap on ministry costs & expenses

    In addition, we budget each new year on 90% of last year's income. This helps create margin in our finances.