Hey parents!

At City Chapel, we don't babysit kids on Sunday mornings. We empower families to raise up kids who love Jesus. That's why we have this resource to help you, as the parent, bring the teaching from Sunday morning to your dinner table.

Please read over the content with your kids and discuss how the lesson applies to their lives.

Be sure to check the challenge at the end. Thank you for taking the time to invest in your children's spiritual growth!

For toddlers (3-5 yrs)

IN THE CAR:  Ask your child what they learned about this week:

       We learned today about the Ten Commandments that God gave Moses to give to the Israelites.


AT DINNER: Here are some great discussion starters

1. How many commandments did God give his people to follow?

2. What is the most important commandment from God?

3. Which commandment came with a promise?

PARENT TIME:  What you need to know:

The Ten Commandments is more than a set of rules that God gave us to follow. We must understand that God gave these commandments to us because He loves us. God loves us so much that he wants to keep us safe and away from sin. He wants nothing but the best for us.


    Discuss about the rules that you have at home and explain to your kids why you set these rules to keep them safe. Parallel that to why God gave us the Ten Commandments. Go through each of the commandment using the craft that your child made in class.



IN THE CAR:  Ask your child what they learned about this week:   

This week in Superbook, we met a young man by the name of David. David’d adventure took us to a battle where he faced a giant named Goliath.


AT DINNER: Here are some great discussion starters:

1. God knows our hearts and gives us special abilities. What talents has God give you?

2. Chris was really good at playing the guitar. Why do you think he quit?

3. Where do you think David got the courage to face Goliath when no other men wanted to face him?

4. Do you think that God prepared David to face Goliath?

5. Goliath represents giants that we face in our life. What are some giants that you are facing?

6. Can God help us with our own giants?

PARENT TIME:  What you need to know:

David’s brothers looked down on him for being young but the prophet Samuel chose him for God’s special purpose. God saw something special in David and he see’s something special in us, too/ The Lord doesn’t make decisions the way we do. People judge by outward appearance , but the Lord looks at the person’s thought and intentions. When our hearts are filled with faith in God, we have the courage to do amazing things? God gives us the courage to do what is right if we trust Him. The hard times that we go through are part of God’s plan to make us stronger and to prepare us for the future.

Goliath threatened people and defied God. But David had so much faith in how big God was, he hardly thought about how small he seemed compared to the giant! He said, “You come to me with a sword and spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord almighty. When God us is on your side, there is nothing you can’t achieve!


What are talents that God has given you? How can you use that God given talent to glorify God? Put your answer to action this week.