Hey parents!

At City Chapel, we don't babysit kids on Sunday mornings. We empower families to raise up kids who love Jesus. That's why we have this resource to help you, as the parent, bring the teaching from Sunday morning to your dinner table.

Please read over the content with your kids and discuss how the lesson applies to their lives.

Be sure to check the challenge at the end. Thank you for taking the time to invest in your children's spiritual growth!

For toddlers (3-5 yrs)

Today, we learned why we pray.  It's simply, to talk with God and to get His direction for our lives.  God is so good and will help us when we are happy, sad, sick or even when we're in trouble.  God will give us wisdom, strength and understanding if we only ask Him.  In fact God is willing to give us many good things as long as we ask for them in accordance to His will.  (James 5:13-16)

Memory Verse:

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."   Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

Parent/Child Activity:

1) Ask your child if he or she could become close friends to someone if he or she never communicated with the other person.

2) Ask your child how much he or she wold learn at school if he or she never opened the books or listened to the teacher.

Take time to explain the points above are also true with our relationship with God.  We must take time to communicate with God through prayer.  We can listen to God and learn many important truths by reading God's Word, the Bible.


Daily Prayer:

"Heavenly Father, we thank you for hearing our voices and turning your ear to us.  We thank you for hearing our prayers and for acting on our behalf.  We thank you and are grateful for all that you provide.  May we have the wisdom to seek you each and every day.  Amen"


Challenge:  Practice the verse with your child during this week.  This will not only help him or her remember the verse, but it will also give your child a desire to commune with God on a regular basis.





This week, we taught the kids that our prayer should always start with being thankful.  Being thankful in all things requires an understanding of who God is and a relationship with Him as Father. If we are aware that He loves us and we belong to Him, rejection from others won’t be as difficult. If we understand that He is all powerful, we will be thankful, even when we feel overwhelmed by forces beyond our strength. If we know He is the resurrection and the life, we won’t need to fear death or grieve as though we have no hope. If we know He is good, we will be grateful for what we have. If we know He is forgiving, we will be thankful for the discipline that drives us to repentance. Jesus had an intimate knowledge of His Father, and He trusted Him. He was thankful in all things.  

J E S U S  T E A C H E S  H O W  T O  P R A Y


Our video today shows Jesus talking to God.  Talking to God is prayer.  In every prayer that Jesus had, he started with thanksgiving before he asked for anything. 

Memory Verse

1 Thessalonians 5:18: Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you

The Big Idea

No matter what is happening in our lives, we can always be thankful to God.  We should start our prayer with thanksgiving


1. Would you rather be cold or hot? 

      Whether we prefer to be hot or cold, we can be thankful that there are lots of ways for us to get to a more comfortable temperature. When it’s cold and we want to warm up, we can take a walk in the sun, sit by a fire or heater, or put on a sweater or jacket. When it’s hot and we want to cool off, we can go swimming in a pool, river, lake, or even the ocean; we can eat ice cream or sit in an air-conditioned room. What are some other things we could be thankful for in either scenario? 

2.  Would you rather be disliked by everyone except for two good friends or have no close friends at all? 

     Neither situation sounds very good, but we’d probably prefer to have two good friends than none at all. But in either situation, we can be thankful. In the first situation, we have two good friends. While it’s not many, it is still two people we can turn to for fun and support. If we had no close friends at all, that doesn’t mean we are alone—God is always with us, and He loves us more than any single person in the whole world ever could. What are some other things we can be grateful for in either scenario? 

3.  Would you rather eat your least favorite meal for lunch one day or your favorite meal every day for the rest of your life? 

    At first, the second option sounds better, but after a while, we would get so tired of eating it, we may actually prefer to eat our least favorite food! In either situation, we have food to eat. Even if it is gross or we get tired of eating the same thing over and over again, it is food that will give us energy to do the things God has called us to do and have fun. What are some other things we can be thankful for in either scenario? 

4.  Would you rather have a best friend who moved to a different state or moved to a different country? 

     Either way we probably won’t be able to see our best friend very often. In both scenarios, we have a best friend. In both scenarios we can communicate with our friend. In both scenarios, we can be thankful for the time we got to spend with our friend before he or she moved away. What are some other things we can be thankful for in either scenario? 

5.  Would you rather climb a volcano that’s about to explode or walk a tight rope across the Grand Canyon? 

    Both sound incredibly dangerous. Jesus knew when He came to earth what would happen to Him. He didn’t shy away from it; He faced it head-on. Jesus knew He faced danger and incredible pain, but it would save everyone He loves. So, in both dangerous and scary situations, we can be thankful because God has a plan for our lives. We can’t say for certain that God will never ask us to climb a volcano that’s about to explode or walk a tight rope across the Grand Canyon, but if He did, we can say that it would be for a good reason and that it would glorify God. 

6.  Would you rather be loved by God or get to live in Heaven with God forever? 

     Both are amazing options! Fortunately, those who love Jesus don’t have to choose! There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. Because Jesus died for our sins, we have been saved from sin and death, which means that, even if we make mistakes in our lives, we will live forever in Heaven with God. Life may present many bad situations, but because we have God with us, there is always something good in our lives. It may be difficult to see, but if we focus on God, we can find good in our lives and in the world


This is one of the new songs that we listen to in class today.  It encourages us to know that prayer is powerful!  Enjoy!

Challenge:     Spend time this week acknowledging God and all His marvelous attributes that has created peace and resulted in thankful praise in your life. Let them come up with real-life situations that might ordinarily make thanksgiving difficult, and let Scripture reveal the truth about God concerning those situations. Spend time thanking Him and praising Him in your prayer time this week.