Hey parents!

At City Chapel, we don't babysit kids on Sunday mornings. We empower families to raise up kids who love Jesus. That's why we have this resource to help you, as the parent, bring the teaching from Sunday morning to your dinner table.

Please read over the content with your kids and discuss how the lesson applies to their lives.

Be sure to check the challenge at the end. Thank you for taking the time to invest in your children's spiritual growth!

For toddlers (3-5 yrs)

IN THE CAR:  Ask your child what they learned about this week:

       We learned about Joseph this week. Joseph had 11 brothers but he was favored by his father. His older brothers were jealous of him. They sold Joseph as a slave because of their jealousy. Joseph endured a lot of things but God was always with him.

joseph the dreamer

AT DINNER: Here are some great discussion starters

-Why was Joseph’s brother jealous of him?

-Where did Joseph ended up at when he was sold as a slave?

-What great plan did God have for Joseph?

PARENT TIME:  What you need to know:

Joseph endured a lot of things growing up. He was sold as a slave by his jealous brothers. He ended up in Egypt far away from his family. He was accused of doing something he didn’t do and was thrown in prison. But God had a plan and God was always with Joseph. In the end, Joseph was put in a position where his title gave him power and he used that power to save his family and many more people.


    Parents, share a time with your kids when it seemed like things we’rent working out but at the end, God showed up and made the impossible possible.



IN THE CAR:  Ask your child what they learned about this week:   

We went forward to the New Testament this Sunday. Jesus is a grown man and he goes to meet a very peculiar man. This man dresses himself with animals skins and he eats locust and honey for food. We find out that his name is John the Baptist.

John the baptist

AT DINNER: Here are some great discussion starters:

-What would you do if someone gave you something that you wanted very much, but you knew that it was stolen? Read 1 Corinthians 10:13.

-Does it really matter if we cheat, steal or lie just a little bit? Read Luke 16:10.

-John the Baptist told people they should repent. What does that mean? Read Acts 3:19.

-Was John selfish or unselfish? Read John 3:30. What does it mean for God to become greater while we become less?

PARENT TIME:  What you need to know:

We went back to the first century A.D to learn about John, who prepares the way for Jesus’ ministry by preaching a message of repentance and baptizing people. We witnessed how John boldly speaks the truth about sin, even at great personal cost. We saw how he is humbly willing for his own importance to decrease while Jesus’ ministry increases. We discovered that, no matter the consequences, it’s always best to follow God’s ways!


John’s story was about telling the truth no matter the consequence. John also talked about how we must decrease and Jesus must increase. What are some things that we can do as Jesus’ followers to put the focus on him and not us? Put your answer to work this week.