We understand how important its is for kids to go to church. 

We also know that some parents are unable to take their kids to church as often as they would like. That's why we bought a big ol' bus so we could pick up kids and take them to church! Space is limited and we only offer rides to our 11:15am service. But if you have kids, ages 6 and up who need a ride, fill out the form below.

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Parent/Guardian Release Form
I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself and my child/children, understand and agree that the Charitable Activities of City Chapel at Slaughter Creek (“CC”), including, but not limited to, Kid’s Church, involve certain known risks, including but not limited to, transportation accidents, personal injuries, and loss or destruction of my property. I understand and agree that CC cannot be expected to control all of said risks. In consideration of the benefits I will receive through my participation in the activities of CC, I hereby expressly and knowingly RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, PROTECT, AND INDEMNIFY CC AND THEIR OFFICERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, AND EMPLOYEES FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AND CAUSES OF ACTION I MAY HAVE FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH SUSTAINED BY ME OR MY CHILD/CHILDREN ARISING OUT OF ANY ACTIVITY CONDUCTED BY, OR UNDER THE AUSPICES OF CC, WHETHER CAUSED BY MY OWN NEGLIGENCE OR THE NEGLIGENCE OF CC, THEIR OFFICERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, OR EMPLOYEES. In the event that myself or my child/children require emergency medical treatment and my emergency contact cannot be reached, I hereby authorize CC to make arrangements to transport me or my child/children to the nearest hospital/emergency facility, and give my consent for any and all necessary medical treatment that may be required by myself and/or my child/children during our participation, with the understanding that the cost of any such transportation and treatment will be my responsibility. I give my consent for pictures of myself or my child involved in CC Kid's Church to be used for future CC promotions or display.