Welcome to the family!

We’re so glad you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus! When we repent (turn away from) our sins and put our trust in Jesus for salvation, the bible tells us that we are “saved”. We are rescued from a life of selfishness and brought into the family of God - a family where God is our Father and we are following His example. Now that you’re here, we want to help you continue on this journey of becoming all that God intended for you to be! This page is designed to be a bit of a guide for you as you integrate into this new family.

Sermons to answer your questions


What is City Chapel about?


How do i pray?


Why do we read the bible?


What about my addictions?


Why do we go to church?


Why join a small group?

Next Steps

Water Baptism

Helpful links

Ready to start reading the bible? Click the link above and create an account with YouVersion to begin an exciting 15 day reading plan!

Hey parents, Round The Table is a weekly text message that we send out to help you talk to your kids about the bible lessons they’re learning in their classes on Sunday!

We have small groups that meet all over this area. Check them out and connect with the leaders at the link above.