Kid City is not boring. We are passionate about kids receiving the love of God so they can reflect that love to the world.


We have special environments for kids of all ages!

NURSERY - Newborn - 2yrs

TODDLERS - 3yrs-5yrs

ELEMENTARY - 6yrs-12yrs


We believe that church should be fun! That's why we have lots of games, prizes, and age appropriate activities every Sunday.


All of our Kid City volunteers have a current background check and are held to high standards of best practices.

We also have a secure Check in/Check out process for all our kids.


We are passionate about teaching our kids to know a loving God and how to reach out to others. Every Sunday, our kids support a child on the other side of the world.

Also, every Elementary age child who receives Jesus, gets an ACTION bible (like a comic book) to read at home!