GingerBread House Building Contest Rules

-Bring completed Ginger Bread house to the church for judging on December 16th.

-Kids under 12yrs (and their parents may help)

-Use the same Ginger Bread House Kit from Wal-Mart. Item #570486698 (pictured above) Build it Yourself Gingerbread House kit by Wilton

-Build your house on an 18” X 12” platform. (Cardboard or wood)

-Everything on the house must be edible!

-Do not use hot glue or any other glue to secure the wall of your Ginger Bread House

-You must create a House (not a cave, castle, or other structure)

-You must use everything provided in the kit.

-You may decorate the entire platform.

Be creative! Your kids must be involved in the creative and building process. The purpose of this competition is for families to spend time together. Let's make some memories!

Have fun!

Acceptable candy to use on on Gingerbread house

1. Pretzels

2. Cereal

3. Gummy Bears

4. M & M

5. Oreo’s

6. Licorice

7. Candy canes

8. Skittles

9. Marshmallows

10. Icing

11. Food coloring

12. Sugar