This general policy governs the release of benevolence funds to those requesting support or help. The church has the right to adjust or decline an applicant's request and may consider providing assistance other than monetary help. This policy is a guide and the Sr Pastor or benevolence committee may decide to do something outside of this policy if after prayer and thought they decided that a situation warrants extra support.

For those not connected to City Chapel

  • City Chapel Church benevolence fund is not authorized to be used for this category unless expressly directed to do so by the Sr Pastor. Applicants must commit to City Chapel and exemplify that by consistent involvement.

For those connected to City Chapel

  • City Chapel may help once a year with a maximum of 2 times per individual.
  • Payment or support will be given directly to the creditor. No money will be given to an individual.

We consider the following factors when considering an individual for short term help:

  1. Applicant's history of benevolence at City Chapel, other churches and organizations
  2. Applicant's willingness to take certain steps to improve their circumstances
  3. How the requested assistance will serve the applicant and the mission of City Chapel

To request assistance, please fill out the form below and allow for up to 2 weeks for a response. Thanks!

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